You’ve spent your working career saving for retirement, now is the time to plan your paycheck for life.

Most of us have an image of what our lives will be like after we leave the working world—a point where we’ll have the time, energy and financial resources to do the things that will bring us personal enjoyment. While the vision may be unique for each of us, the need for a predictable income stream that stretches through our retirement years is universal.

If you are near, at or in retirement, we have a distinctive process for designing a Retirement Readiness plan to seek to ensure you are financially prepared for what lays ahead. It is personalized to include all available sources of income and designed with a goal to optimizing your income stream to address your personal goals, such as

  • Maximizing income
  • Reducing the risk of running out of assets
  • Ensuring your legacy

There are many retirement planning guides online to assist you in retirement savings and income planning. The Department of Labor (DOL) offers its own resource guide, called Taking The Mystery Out of Retirement Planning. While you can “go it alone” in developing your plan, the DOL says another approach is to hire a professional to develop your strategy and manage your money for you.

Our four-step process allows us to customize a retirement income plan specifically to your situation and goals.

Discovery Point
Getting to know you, your goals, your financial picture, and your investment perspectives is the most important aspect of our planning. We take a 360° view of your current situation and your future aspirations into plan development. Based upon our discovery, we determine the specialists and tools necessary to develop your personalized plan.

Retirement Readiness Optimization
With the information gathered above, we utilize a series of industry-leading modeling tools, like Income Optimization, to develop a Retirement Readiness plan that is unique to you and your situation.

Income Counselor
Based upon the results of our finding, we produce a detailed Retirement Readiness Plan and actionable Recommendations. We will thoroughly review the Plan with you, answer all of your questions and concerns, and discuss the Recommendations. You have the option of working with us to implement any of the Recommendations as you desire.

Retirement Readiness Monitor
Because our lives are not static, but ever changing with the expected and the unexpected, each Retirement Readiness Plan needs ongoing review. Based upon your time horizon to retirement, we will implement an appropriate review schedule to make sure you stay on target.