Do you have the discipline to stay the course managing your investment portfolio when the markets waiver?

Our investment management team is an objective independent voice, with the time and resources, to create an appropriate portfolio and asset mix to help you pursue your financial objectives.

We employ several experienced professional money managers to help you work toward your customized goals. Using a combination of these managers allows us to create a portfolio based on your overall goals and risk profile.

DALBAR, a leading financial services marketing research firm concluded in their 22nd Annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior, for the period ending 2015, that investor behavior is the number one cause of portfolio underperformance. According to the DALBAR study, “One thing that negative behaviors have in common is that they can lead investors to deviate from a sound investment strategy that was narrowly tailored towards their goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.”

Our disciplined management process strives to help our clients avoid making emotional investment mistakes — panicking during market downturns or performance chasing.

Some of the principles used in our management process are:

  • We measure both your willingness and ability to take market risk and strive to make sure your investments adhere to these constraints.
  • We monitor your investments based on a host of parameters including performance, risk, transparency, liquidity, and expenses.
  • Fees and other expenses affect your portfolio return. Our fees are very competitive and we constantly look for lower cost solutions.
  • We measure performance quarterly as a composite of all your managers. We also measure risk relative to corresponding Lipper indexes.


The benefits of our professionally managed investment portfolios:

  • Retirement withdrawal rates —we strive to help our clients avoid over-spending that adds to risk of income shortfall and under-spending that deprives retirees of affordable luxuries.
  • Acceptable stress and loss levels —we strive to make sure each portfolio’s “Value at Risk” does not exceed a loss level that would cause plan disruption.
  • Confidence —our professional knowledge and experience is designed with the goal of increasing client knowledge and understanding about investing for retirement.